Finch Network offers a wide array of capacity building opportunities to meet your agency's challenges and opportunities.


Strategic Planning 

Finch Network works with organizations to identify their strengths, challenges and opportunities.  We use cutting edge technology to assess and document environmental and organizational challenges,  identify opportunities and work with our clients to articulate these findings to key stakeholders.


Research & Evaluation

Finch Network offers a wide-variety of program evaluation options. We create an evaluation plan for your organization's  grant proposal that will ensure an effective way reporting system. We conduct evaluations of your current programs to identify areas for improvement as well as identify opportunities for change.  


Community Partnerships

Finch Network works with organizations to facilitate community change on a local, regional and national level.  Finch Network helps organization refine their partnership mission, engage key stakeholders in the process and develop and implement a process that establishes a partnership with clear, actionable, attainable goals.  Whether it’s a nonprofit collaboration, developing a for profit/non-profit partnership or creating a regional network, Finch has the skills and experience to help your organization create and sustain a healthy partnerships.


Fund Development & Grant Writing

Finch Network has extensive experience with grant writing, and identifying funding opportunities. We help your non-profit put your best foot forward in finding and applying for critical program dollars.  From developing a local donor base to creating a regional funding collaborative to accessing funding from the Federal government, Finch will work with your organization to find and sustain funding for your organization.


Training & Faciliation

Finch Network researches and creates training modules and trainer/trainee handbooks customized to your agency’s needs. Whether it’s material for a large scale multi-day training, an issued based conference, or board of directors’ handbook, Finch Network can develop material to meet your agency’s training needs. Finch also works with clients to develop training agendas and can facilitate agency wide, community or regional meetings.



Finch Network works with nonprofits to refine their message, develop a brand and implement a marketing plan that suits their organizational needs and budget.